Freelance writer and Latvian-English literary translator

Don’t Listen to Beautiful Fiction

don’t listen
to beautiful fiction

to those who said they’ll love you forever
because forever is a long time
and no one can make
that kind of commitment

listen instead
to the drumming
inside your head
red flags
the early warning signs
they’re there for a reason
so don’t turn them into
works of fiction

no matter how thrilling
those first few paragraphs are
no matter how poetic
the metaphors sound
no matter how drawn
you are
to read on
close the cover
– I promise –
you won’t like
the twist at the end

forget what was said
and whispered
in those early morning hours
when everything is filled
with magic
it’s nothing to do
with the plot
cigarettes and moon-lit skies
all just ‘bells and whistles’
that’s all

do yourself a favour
and stop reading
that cheap thriller stuff
find a new genre
you can love

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